Church History



In the year 1860 the Lord saw that our people had repented for their sins and sent us a leader, who would help us. This leader, Abraham Lincoln, won the presidency,

Lincoln as Moses led us from bondage to freedom. On January 1, 1863 President Lincoln issued the emancipation proclamation setting our ancestors free. Since transportation of that time was only by water, Texas received the news in two (2) years. Subsequently our ancestors were set free June19, 1865. With freed on the Negro Began to praise God even more. They had no building, so they built a brush arbor in which to worship God. They held camp meetings for 3 and 4 weeks continually. Between June 19 and December 31, 1865, Jesus still holding and guiding our ancestors Isreal Flewellen, A. T. Arnold, James Searcy, Joshua Green, Silas Osborne, Thomas Benton, Addie Walker, Elmira Osborne, Victoria Seaton, Saul Bivens, Mary Ewing, Louisa Hall, Sarah Pollard, Mamie Moore, and other brothers And sisters, God guided them to build a place of worship. The first Place of worship known as Goodwill Baptist Church was the brush Arbor located up Jackson creek on the Hutchinson farm, now known as The Levi Rogers farm. It was located near the bridge.

On February 23, 1880 Isreal Flewellen and A. T. Arnold purchased One (1) acre of land from Mrs., Margaret McDonald for the sum of seventy five($75,00)dollars and built the first Goodwill Baptist Church at the place it now stands.

The first known deacons were Thomas Benton, Isreal Flewellen, Caleb Gardner, A. T. Arnold, and Ed Brown, to name a few. The First known secretary of the church was Brother James Shepard, The First known treasure was Deacon Harry Franklin, who served 40 years. The first kwon pastor was Rev. Ben Johnson, The pastor and members saw the need for a free public school in the community.

On May 30, 1895 A contract was signed for a teacher in the person of Mr. George P. Isaacs, and classes were held in the first church building. Trustees For the school at that time, were Deacon Harry Franklin, Willie Shaw, and Thomas Elliot, In I904 Rev. J. E. Ellis was called as pastor. Those following were Rev, Booker, Rev, Ben Connaly, Rev. Leaks, Rev, Southern, Rev, Harris, and Rev. A, A, Branch.

In 1913 in the county of Washington, know all men by these Presents that we Thomas Elliot, sol Bivens, Tom Benton, Josh Gardner, Andrew Arnold, and Richard Lockett ½ acre of land for the sum of $5.00 to build Goodwill public school August 4, 1913. Reverend A, E. Evans elected about 1917. Under his leadership the church held a Business meeting September 4, 1920 for the purpose of building church number two (2), On October 26, 1920 M. J. Basey, Tom Elliot, Josh Gardner Sr., and P. A. Rogers trustees of the church signed the Deed of ½ acre to H, B, Wood and F, W. Wood Jr. Lumber Co, for lumber And building material to be furnished to said church. Rev, A, E, Evans Pastor D. E.Bolton church clerk.

Rev, Evans served possibly through. 1921, Next the Rev, J. B, Taylor 1922, Rev. C. W. Holmes served from 1927 through 1931, Rev. J, D. Nash accepted his election July3, 1933 served until June 2, 1934. In a church business meeting 3 deacons discussed a charity fund be organized in the church for the sick. It was motion and seconded the plan be adopted. Pastor Nash asked that the name be called Goodwill Benevolent Relief Fund and by virture of its organization, it would become auxiliary of the church, and be subject to the church. These Deacons were Deacon Wess Kemp Jr., Dec. T. B. Hall, and Dec. Houston Jones. This auxiliary is still at work. Rev. S. A. Adam selected Pastor on October 8, 1934, Pastor's installation beginning November 26, with all monies raised going to the church for building fund.

On December 27, 1934 a deed of trust was signed to Frank Wood to build church Number three (3), under the leadership of Rev. S. A. Adams, Pastor. The deacons were Houston Jones, Tom Ewing, Garfield Walker, Henry Gardner, Sam Rogers and D. E. Bolton. Rev Adams served thru 1939. Rev. J. W. Davis served as pastor from October 19, 1940 until April 1941; Rev S. Charles was elected May 6, 1943 and served Until June 5, 1943. Dr J. M. Franklin saw that his people needed a burying ground, and on December 3, 1943 they deeded 4 1/2 acres of land to Goodwill Baptist Church its successors and assigns forever. Rev A. L. Goins was elected August 17, 1944 and under his leadership the church purchased its first pews. He also reorganized the choir. He served until Sept.2, 1949. Rev C. L. Gamer was selected March 22, 1950; under his leadership the church purchased 34 pews. On May 10, 1952 Goodwill Rural Jr. High school district acting by and through its Trustees, R. W. Lockett, James Gates, Tomray Bowden, Freaik Richardson, Robert Bemks, Charles Flewellen and Israel Lacy, for and inconsideration of the sum of $15.00 cash paid by Goodwill Baptist Church by These present, Tom Ewing, Turner B. Hall, G. F. Walker, Benjamin Franklin and Clifford Walker, trustees of Goodwill Baptist Church, all of that certain one half  (1/2)  of  the west part of the following tract of land.

Rev.C.L.Garner served until June, 1953. Rev. A. W. Johnson of Chappell Hill was called to pastor October 7, 1953. He served Through April, 1955. Rev. H. H. Fletcher was called to pastor September 28, 1955. Under his leadership the Church celebrated its first homecoming service, and the annual date was set for the third Sunday in each year thereafter. Rev. Fletcher served until July 1, 1959. The Church later called Rev. V. V. Walker of Brenham, Texas

On November 4, 1959, and installation services were held on the Third Sunday in March, 1960. Under his leadership three pulpit Chairs were purchased. On October 7, 1963, the deacons and trustees signed a Deed of Trust to the Navasota Building Materials Co. for $999.75, at 8% interest. The material was bought to do some remodeling. Deacons D. E. Bolton, Willard Hall, Tom Erving, T. B. Hall, Eddie Bowden, and Benjamin Franklin paid in full September 24, 1965. In December 1966, under the leadership of Rev. Walker, the Church Began to raise money; to build Church numbers four. Rev. Walker served Until March 1968.

Rev. George Frey was called to pastor on May 22, 1968. Under The leadership of Rev. Frey, the Church bought ½ acre of land from Mrs. Vera Tottenhamon December 30, 1970. The Church also bought a building from Mr. Herbert Bosse in early 1971, at a cost of $65.00 and moved it across the road, at a cost of $275.00, to be used as a cafeteria. Rev. Frey wanted to dig a well, and start building a new Church, but none of this was done. Rev. Frey served until April 23, 1975.

The Church appointed a committee to buy a gas stove, refrigerator, and floor covering on July 2, 1975. This committee was, Deacon Willard Hall, Sister Alice Hutchinson, Sister Berthina Franklin, and Sister L. G. Walker. The Church agreed to have the cafeteria piped for gas and wired for electric lights. White material was purchased From Brentex Mill by Deacon Harry Hall and curtains were made for the cafeteria by Sister Lissie Walker at no cost.

On October 1, 1975, Rev. F. J. Williams was elected to serve as pastor. Installation services were held December 21, 1975. The sermon was brought by Rev. J. R. Hicks, pastor of Mt. Corinth Baptist Church in Hempstead, Texas. Rev. Williams led the Church into digging a well at a cost of $1,615.75 by Beaumier Iron Works & Well Drilling Co. of Brenham, Texas. Under the leadership of Rev. Williams, the Church agreed to build the present building on October 21, 1978 Deacons signed a Deed of Trust with Boettcher Building Center of Brenham, Texas to build the present building for the amount of $59,300.00.
Deacons T. B. Hall, Levi Rogers, Harry Hall, Benjamin Franklin, Willard Hall. Work began in February, 1979 and was completed July, 1979. Rev. and Mrs. Williams gave the Church one (1) offering table and the Communion table at a cost of $360.00. Mrs. Laura Brown of Prairie View, Texas, gave one offering table at a cost of $125.00. The entrance service was held the first Sunday in August, 1979. Rev. J. R. Hicks of Hempstead, Texas brought the entrance sermon.

In 1981, Mrs. Laura Brown also gave a piece of tapestry with the picture of the Lord's Supper; the cost was $175.00. Reverend Williams constructed a concrete walk on the North side of the Church with funds from a Memorial Plaque, started by the Basey family. With the total from the plaque of $140.00 plus $58.50 From Church funds, work was completed September 18, 1982. In the annual business meeting January 14, 1983, the Church Members agreed to buy a small house to cover the well and a larger House for a riding lawnmower, and for storing the other property belonging to the Church. A committee was chosen to look for and bring back to the Church the price. The committee reported it would be cheaper to buy one large house for the well and lawnmower. The cost of the house was $695.30. February 28, 1983, the Church agreed to buy a riding lawn mower at a cost of $999.00. The Church decided to put a new roof on the cafeteria. Mr. Chester Hicks was contacted and accepted the job. Material for the cafeteria roof was bought May 13, 1983 at a cost of $616.44. Mr. Hicks Was paid $400.00 for labor when the roof was finished? On April 13, 1983, the Church paid Clifford Walker $72.50 for One (1) microphone.

In February of 1983, the pastor planted shrubbery on the North side of the Church at no cost. On May 16, 1983, the Church paid $327.00 for a cornerstone. On June 5, 1983, the Church paid Rev. H. Tisdale of Waller, Texas $200.00 for 48 used Seats for the Church. The leveling of the cornerstone was to be Held on Sunday August 31, 1983 after the Church anniversary. Due To the hurricane earlier that week in Harris and surrounding Counties, the Worshipful Master of Ashler Lodge #37, Brother John T. Howard, could not be present. The corner stone was to be leveled at a later date. Brother John T. Howard contacted the Grand Master and the District deputies and they informed him they would be present Sunday March 18, 1984 to level the corner stone at 4:00 P. M. The ceremony was carried out, but the corner stone was minus the Masonic emblem. Ashler Lodge #37 Worshipful Master John T. Howard and Boettcher Building Center of Brenham, Texas returned the corner stone To Rockdale Memorial Co. for this to be engraved at a cost of $35.00.

The last note of the Church building was paid May 22, 1984.  The building was estimated at $59,300.00, less adjustments in floor covering. A carpet allowance for 160 sq. yds. @ $12.00 per sq. yd. was $1,920.00. Actual cost for 160 sq. yds. @ $10.50 per sq. yd. was $1,680.00, a credit of $240.00. $59,300.00 - $240.00 = 59,060.00; the actual cost of the building. Payments made to Boettcher Building Center $22,300.00, leaving a balance of $36,760.00. A promissory note was signed for the original principal sum of $36,760.00 at 91/2% interest with Brenham National Bank on July 7, 1979. The State of Texas, County of Washington: Know all men by these presents, that the undersigned of the County of Washington 3296 and State of Texas, the legal owner and holder of that certain promissory note in the original principle sum of $36,760.00 Dated July 7, 1979, executed by Goodwill Baptist Church, payable To the order of Brenham National Bank, for and inconsideration of the full and final payment of all indebtedness, secured by the Afore said lien or liens, the receipt of which is hereby acknowledged, had released and discharged, and by all these present hereby releases And discharges the above described property from all liens held by The undersigned securing said indebtedness, executed this 24th day Of May, 1984. Brenham National Bank, J. D, Mueller, President. A new pump was placed in the well by Beaumier Iron Works, Brenham, Texas July 30, 1980, at a cost of $525.15. Friday night Jan. 13th, 1984, the Church held its annual business meeting. The Church Agreed to paint the exterior wood of the Church building and to put Gutters around the Church. Brother John Howard agreed to paint the Church and see about the gutters, on August 17, 1984. The Church paid John T. Howard $330.00, for cleaning and painting the Church. The cost of the paint was $129.60. A 12 x 24 sign displaying Goodwill Missionary Baptist Church was erected September 15, 1984 and donated to the Church by Brother John T. Howard & family at a cost of $194.49.

On August 18, 2004 Goodwill Baptist Church deacons signed a promissory note to build a cafeteria for the amount of $65,000.00 With Brenham National Bank. The deacons were Deacon John Howard and Deacon Jake Milam. The rate of interest was 4.750%.  The note was paid in full on October 14, 2008. On Sunday, ‎August ‎16, ‎2009, Goodwill Baptist Church held a dedication to burn the note to the cafeteria. Maturity date was set for October 18, 2009.

Goodwill installed a PA system with 7 microphones.

In September 27, 2015, Goodwill installed a new digital sign on the premises at a cost of $15,000.00.

On May 26, 2016 the Washington area received about 22 inches of rain in a 24 hour period. Water rose to record levels, destroying Goodwill Missionary Baptist Church as we knew it. Three feet of water covered the highway in front of the church.  The property was a total loss.

The church applied with FEMA for recovery. FEMA refused to assist Goodwill in the rebuilding efforts of the church. With FEMA denial of funds, the church turned to the Small Business Administration. Goodwill was also denied funds for the reason of not having the ability to repay $537,000.00.

In November 2016 Goodwill Baptist Church changed its name officially to Goodwill Missionary Baptist Church of Washington Texas. The Church file for DBA ( doing business as ) at the State and County levels as Goodwill Missionary Baptist Church.

On January 6, 2017 at 11:00 A M, Deacon Jake Milam, Deacon Lewis Houser, Deacon Karl Johnson and Deacon Tommie Sullivan, signed a note with Brenham National Bank to purchase 4.84 total acres of land. Tract 1 is 2.34 and tract 2 is 2.50 acres Joseph Harbor. The location is at the corner of Highway 105 and F M 2193. The physical address is 9180 HWY 105, Brenham, Texas 77833. The selling price was $135,000.00. The purchase was from Janell Joachimi and George Dodd. The down payment was 20% of the selling price. In this case it was $29,151.12 closing cost.


PROMISSORY NOTE for $108,000.00 on JANUARY 6,2017
FOR VALUE RECEIVED, GOODWILL MISSIONARY BAPTIST CHURCH OF WASHINGTON, TEXAS, a Texas non-profit corporation, d/b/a GOODWILL MISSIONARY BAPTIST CHURCH, the undersigned party(ies) to this instrument, hereinafter collectively called Maker, whether one or more, jointly and severally promise to pay to THE BRENHAM NATIONAL BANK or order, the sum of ONE HUNDRED EIGHT THOUSAND AND NO/100 DOLLARS ($108,000.00) with interest accruing thereon from date of advancement until paid, at the rate of THREE AND 75/100 PERCENT (3.75%) per annum. Interest herein shall be calculated on a per diem interest rate or amount as if each year has only 360 days, and charged for that per diem interest rate or amount each day for the actual number of days of the year (365 or 366) as the case may be. However, nothing in this Note shall authorize the collection of interest in excess of the highest rale allowed by law. If interest is computed on the per diem basis of a year of 360 days, and if such calculation would result in a usurious rate, then said interest rate shall be calculated on the per annum basis of 365 or 366 days, as the case may be.
The principal and interest of this note is payable as follows:

(1) In monthly installments in the sum of $789.00 each, including principal and interest, out of which said installment there is first to be paid the interest computed on the unpaid principal balance of this note which has accrued and remains unpaid through the date of payment of said installment, and the remainder of such installment is to be applied on the principal of this note.
The first of said monthly installments being due and payable on the 6th. Day of February, 2017, and a like installment being due and payable on the 6th day of each month thereafter through December 6, 2021, AND

(2) On January 6, 2022, the remaining unpaid principal balance together with all interest having accrued and then owing thereon shall be fully paid.


GMBC had to relocate because, because of the May 26, 2016 flood. The old location is now included in the expansion of 500 year flood plain.